Ten points: unupdated browser users

People complaining about their experiences when browsing the web using an old browser (like Internet Explorer 8) are like:

  • Supermarket customers complaining about the checkout queue, when there’s a¬†selfscan checkout in the next row.
  • Nokia 3310 users complaining about the lack of apps on their phone
  • People who turn on the radio and then complaining about the music all sounding the same
  • Tablet users complaining about the absence of a keyboard
  • Couch potatoes with a media player complaining about the quality of TV programs
  • Range Rover drivers complaining about parking space
  • Drivers in general who complain when¬†entering a traffic jam with hundreds of meters of empty entry lane in front of them.
  • Star Wars ‘fans’ who complain about a ruined childhood, when they dislike a new addition to the franchise while the old movies remain the same.
  • People at an outdoor cafe complaining about thirst, heat and sweatiness, while drinking alcohol (which dehydrates).
  • Skinny jeans wearers complaining about how cold it is outside.

For those who still do not understand it: these are people who have to do something about it themselves. PLEASE upgrade your browser! It would make the jobs of millions of web developers and content generators a whole lot easier.

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