Tienpuntenbeoordeling: “Prince of Persia: The sands of time” (film, VS, 2010)


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Gezien op 24 september 2011 @ Huize Hulsbosch

Van Mike Newell (“Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”, “Donnie Brasco”)
Met Jake Gyllenhaal (“Donnie Darko”, “Source Code”), Gemma Arterton (“Clash of the titans”, “Tamara Drewe”), Ben Kingsley (“Gandhi”, “Schindler’s List”)

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Tienpuntenbeoordeling: “The IT crowd” (serie, 1e & 2e seizoen, VK, 2006-2007)


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Gezien september 2011 @ Huize Hulsbosch

Van Graham Linehan (“Little Britain”, “Father Ted”) en Ash Atalla (“The Office”)
Met Chris O’Dowd (“The boat that rocked”, “Bridesmaids”), Richard Ayoade (regisseur “Submarine”) en Katherine Parkinson  (“The boat that rocked”, “How to lose friends & alienate people”)

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Tienpuntenbeoordeling: “Game of thrones” (serie, 1e seizoen, VS, 2011)


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Gezien van april t/m september 2011 @ Huize Hulsbosch

Van David Benioff (“Troy”, “X-men origins: Wolverine”) en D.B. Weiss
Met Sean Bean (“GoldenEye”, “The Lord of the Rings”), Lena Headey (“300”, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles”), Peter Dinklage (“Death at a funeral”, “Knights of Badassdom”)

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Tienpuntenbeoordeling: “Paycheck” (film, VS, 2003)


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Gezien op 15 & 16 september 2011 @ Huize Hulsbosch

Van John Woo (“Face/off”, “Mission:Impossible II”, “Dip huet seung hung”)
Met Ben Affleck (“Good Will Hunting”, “Pearl Harbor”) Uma Thurman (“Kill Bill”, “Pulp Fiction”), Aaron Eckhart (“Battle: Los Angeles”, “Thank you for smoking”)

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Tienpuntenbeoordeling: “Star Trek: The wrath of Khan” (film, VS, 1982)


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Gezien op 6 september 2011 @ Huize Hulsbosch

Van Nicholas Meyer (die ook “Star Trek VI: The undiscovered country” regisseerde)
Met William Shatner (“Star Trek”, “Boston Legal”), Leonard Nimoy (“Star Trek”, “Fringe”), Ricardo Montalban (“The naked gun”, “Escape from / Conquest of the planet of the apes”), Kirstie Alley (“Cheers”, “Look who’s talking”)

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