Ten points: things you didn’t know you did the wrong way around

Anybody who reads my blog, will notice I have certain pet peeves. For example earlier I blogged about parking your car the right way, and I still think more people (well, everybody) should do it like this. Without trying to sound like a smart-ass, I present ten other pet peeves, and the Life Hacks I found & devised to make life easier:

  • Peeling a banana
    Pulling on the stem of the banana creates a big mess. Next time try this: turn the banana around, pinch in the bottom, and the banana opens up by itself!
    Source: lifehacker.com

  • Parking your wheelie bin against the wall
    Instead of parking it with the handle against the wall, it’s much more convenient to keep the handle facing forward. This way it’s easier to maneuver the bin out of it’s corner. Also, the lid will never bounce back from the wall when opening it.

  • Hot weather refreshments
    Ever wondered what happens when you drink an ice cold beverage on a hot day? The temperature difference between your body and the outside air increases, making you feel like it’s even hotter. Also, you trick your taste receptors into thinking it’s cold outside, inducing headaches and other discomfort. That’s why it’s better to drink warm beverages and eat hot food on a tropical summer day: you can make your body adapt to the heat. Think about it: If you wish your environment were cooler, why would you want to try to cool yourself down? Also: don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Fact.
    Source: npr.org

  • Being nostalgic
    Sometimes even I like to think back about when I was younger. Everybody does. But because we choose to think only about happy memories, we automatically refer to the Dutch expression ‘vroeger was alles beter’ (‘everything was better in the past’). This is not the case. It’s you. In earlier times there also were enough atrocous crimes, dumb politicians, worthless songs, horrible movies, and ghastly fashion. If anything, things in the past were much, much worse than they are now. Except for the nostalgia.

  • Standing in public transport
    Using the bus: You enter, but there’s no seat available. Everybody’s watching you. So you go stand there when the bus is resuming its course. In the middle of the aisle. What you just did is blocking room for dozens of passengers to come. Why do people keep doing this? Just pass through and go stand in the designated standing area. Morons. Also: STOP trying to break your chip card in two by pressing it to the scanner while holding it. The technology isn’t called NFC (Near Field Communication) for nothing.
    Using the train: Apparently the following is normal human behaviour on crowded platforms. A train is about to stop. All the people waiting on the platform move to the spot where they think the train doors will come out. When the train comes to a full halt, an uncomfortable mass of people is formed right before the doors. The doors open. Passengers have to disembark THROUGH the mass of waiting people. Causing all kinds of delays. Please stop this moronic behaviour!

  • Shopping cart parking
    Parking your shopping cart against the side of the aisle where you have to look for a certain product is customary, but not very convenient. Why not park your cart across the aisle? Doing this offers two advantages: You can see more of the aisle when standing across the path, and your cart is not blocking the aisle where you have to get a product from.

  • Recording mobile video in portrait mode
    This should be made impossible via a software patch. Do people really think narrow videos are easy to watch? Anybody who uses a smartphone, please refrain from recording video like this. It’s not as if everybody only has access to vertical viewscreens.
    Source: Glove & Boots

  • Teaching children how to talk
    You’d suppose Dutch children would be taught the Dutch language by their parents. They’re not, and that’s very odd. An example: Instead of telling her child “Ik ga nu de caissière betalen” (“I’m going to pay the cashier”), a typical Dutch mother will tell him or her “Mama doet nu centjes aan de mevrouw betalen” (“Mommy does now pay pennies to the lady”). The child picks up this language, and goes on to speak this way itself. Later, he or she has to learn how to speak correctly all over again. Why not teach our children our language immediately?

  • Phoning people in radio shows
    PLEASE don’t. Telephone audio quality is horrible, even in 2014. And radio will never sound as good as real life. So that’s a double quality loss. A good DJ does not need other people to tell interesting stories. And if he or she does, well, invite them over to the studio. When you’re broadcasting a band performing live, you don’t do it via telephone either.

  • Identifying the start of the 21st century
    Not the year 2000, but the year 2001 was the first year of the 21st century and the third millennium. Yeah, the transition 1999-2000 sounded a lot more important than 2000-2001, but the fact is that the Gregorian calendar began on January 1st of the year 1. So naturally, it’s 2000th anniversary would have been on January 1st of 2001.
    Source: Wikipedia.org

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